Pray With Us

Love In the Name of Christ values the power of prayer! Our Loving Help participants are currently requesting the following prayers: 

Thankful for getting a camper so we can go camping.

Prayers for us as we are still trying to get pregnant.

Thankful my husband's finger was saved.

Pray for speedy healing so he can get back to work fully.

Thank you Lord, I am feeling better each day.

Prayers for my grand-daughter as she is totally out of control.

Thank you, Lord, my ex agreed to sign over his rights and let my husband adopt my two girls.

Pray for my biopsy to turn out good.

Pray for me to get back into a church.

Pray for all in hospitals who undergo surgery and those waiting for test results.

Pray for my brother-in-law to find his way back to God.  His is a police officer in a big city and is always in hostile situations, pray for his safety.