Pray With Us

Love In the Name of Christ values the power of prayer! Our Loving Help participants are currently requesting the following prayers:

Thank you Lord for xxxx who is an amazing Mother and she has done an amazing job at helping me be the best Dad I can be.
Pray for help for me to be the beacon that Jesus wants me to be and shine his light to others.

Praise God for a new session of the Iowa Legislature to resolve the problems we face.
Pray that each legislator is able to contribute positive God centered ideas for improving our state.

Pray for a young man in prison that is having a really hard time in there. Pray that God will be with him and help shape his future.

Thank you Lord, I made it to 66.
Pray for an Uncle on the loss of his wife

Thank you Lord for continuing to guide my husband & I in our faith.
Pray for patience and understanding while raising my son and daughters.

Pray for my Brother-in-law who underwent heart surgery 6 months ago and now has heart congestion and on oxygen.
Pray that I make it on my own with my son in our new living area.